Christmas with the Lastinger’s

We had a fun Christmas with the girls.  It was fun because this year Emma was really into it as well.  They were both so excited. I think this was the first time we didn’t take a billion pictures.  I only snapped a few with my phone because I didn’t want to miss out on the fun!

We spent Christmas morning at our house opening presents. We had our parents over for brunch and later that day we went over to my sisters for dinner. It was a very full day. Here are a few pics.

Christmas Eve Night

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus


I’m a week or so late in writing this but one day last week Lily decided to use her scissors at school to cut her hair. She had her hair up in a pony tale that day and just decided to reach around and cut some of it off during class. Her teacher sent home a note and the hair :) Lily still cannot tell us why she decided to do it but she was upset because her classmates told her she was going to have to glue it back on and that scared her.  She was also so afraid that Jim and I were going to be mad at her.  We were not mad at all we just told her to be sure not to do it again and that it will grow back.  Actually when I took the pony tale down you cannot even see where she did it.

Emma being cute!

I love asking Emma questions just to hear what she will come up with for answers. The funny things is she really understands the questions and thinks through her answers.  Here are a couple of recent questions.

1. Last night I asked Emma if she had a good day? She said “yes.” Then I asked her what was her favorite part about the day and she said “playing with you.” Such a little sweetheart!

2. Today I asked her what is the name of your panda? and she said “Panda Lastinger Poopy Panda” Lily has got her believing that saying Poopy is the funniest thing ever. :)

Here is a cute pic of the girls from yesterday.


Last Soccer Game of the Season

Lily really loves playing soccer and she is getting better and better at.  This was her 3rd time playing on a team, plus she did a soccer camp over the summer.  She really likes being the goalie.  She got to do that alot this season and she loved it!  She also scored a goal.  She had a great time and is really sad to have to wait until Spring to play again. Here are a couple of pics of her receiving her trophy.



Painting Pumpkins!

I LOVE Fall!!!! Definitely the nicest time of the year.  Last weekend the girls and I painted a few pumpkins.  We all had so much fun.  It is really nice now that Emma is getting older she can join right in and she did such a good job and she had so much fun! Happy Fall!!!

Fall Break!

We are having a blast here in Greenville.  We got here on Friday evening and it has been non stop fun since then.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so it has been so nice and enjoyable getting to spend some time outdoors doing some activities! On Saturday we went to went to the Downtown Market.  The girls enjoyed getting their chocolate croissant and chocolate chip muffin. We walked all around downtown. That evening we joined our friends the Wagners for a movie on the lawn at their church.  They were playing Despicable Me.  So we brought our blanket and chairs and settled in. The kids had a blast watching the movie and snacking on popcorn, cotton candy and cookies!  After we got home it was late (for the girls) about 9:00 and I had promised Lily that sometime over the break that she and I would have a sleepover together.  So, I decided to make it that night.  We got ready for bed and Lily and I went to her room and got snuggled in bed…me with my nook and her with the ipad.  We read and talked for awhile and turned the lights out a 10:40.  She was so happy.  She looked over at me and said “this is the best night ever isn’t it!”  So sweet! On Sunday we had brunch at Tupelo Honey and then enjoyed spending time walking around downtown some more. On Monday we made it to Chuckie Cheese.  It was so nice, we got there a little after they opened and we had the entire place to ourselves for about an hour, and after that only 2 other families came in.  So the girls had a great time playing all the games they wanted in a non hectic environment!  Later that day we made a trip to the mall for me to pick up a few things and for the girls to play in the play area. Today (Tuesday) has been our coolest day here so far.  Highs at about 65 and a little breezy. So nice. I started this morning with an early run!  Then we got ready for Panera Tuesday! Yay!  Then we were off to the Children’s Museum.  We had the whole museum basically to ourselves for awhile this morning and even as it got later in the morning it wasn’t all that busy.  We really appreciated that considering most of the time when we come it is really busy.  One of the ladies who work there started playing with Lily and Emma and they ended up playing all around the museum together for at least an hour.  Lily loved getting that extra attention!!!  We even made it into the music booth and Lily sang/recorded several songs!  That sums up most of our trip so far, so much fun. We will be here til Friday so I’ll try to post a part 2 of trip at the end of week!

Emma is still scared to death of Chuckie!

The house they built with Ms. Katherine


Good Character and School Art Project

Let me start by saying that a few days ago at school Lily won free ice cream from Dairy Queen and got her picture taken and was so excited to tell us about it when she got home, but she wasn’t really sure why she had won it. She said it had something to do with Character.  So today while I was at school I asked her teacher what it was about.  She said that each month when any teacher spots a student displaying good character that they can nominate them. The student has no idea that they are being nominated but they can be nominated by any teacher at the school.  Lily was nominated and her name was put in the Kindergaten box.  Then each month a name is drawn from each grade.  Lily’s name was drawn! Yay!  She makes me so proud!

Now on with the Art Project Story : Today I went to Lily’s Kindergarten class to help out with an art project.  They were making scarecrows…it was definitely interesting and fun helping out with 23 five and six year olds!  Lily was of course thrilled to have me there and I had fun watching her and getting to know some of her classmates a little better.  After the art project was finished it was time to get cleaned up and head to lunch. I stayed with Lily during lunch and then left. I didn’t have a lot of time to take pics but here are a few.

Lily’s scarecrow in progress.

Zayne with his scarecrow!

Lunch time!

Love her!

Friday Night Football

Any of you that know me even just a little know that I am not a football fan.  So, to find myself voluntarily going to a game on a Friday night is shocking! It seems that already in Kindergarten they really seem to push Football and the Ware County Gators.  It may be because Lily’s school is right next to the stadium where the games are played. They have Gator day almost every week where they wear Green and Gold to school and this past Friday the Ware Co Cheerleaders and Football players visited the Kindergarten class where Lily goes to school. Then her class walked over to the stadium to the Gator Store to purchase items.  Anyway they seem to push it hard and Lily knows more about the games and when they are being played and who is playing than Jim and I do.  She has been begging to go to one of them so we decided to take her this past Friday.  We met up with a friend and her 2 little girls.  All the girls had so much fun including Emma.  I had so much fun watching the girls have fun!  I’m not sure I have ever seen them have that much fun! They had pom poms and were cheering the Gators on! It was so funny hearing the girls talk about the game and talk about the opposing team! One of the cheerleaders told Lily that it was because of their cheering that the Gators scored a touchdown and that just made Lily’s night! :) We left a little after half time because it was getting late, but we definitely want to take the girls back!

She is ready to go to the game!!!

She was so happy we met up with Kami and Layla at the game!

Emma did so good at the game and I think she may have had the most fun out of anyone!

Emma discovered cotton candy!

I think they were the biggest fans!!!

Writer of the Week

Got to brag on my Lily!  Her work was chosen out of all of the Kindergarten classes at her school to be featured for Writers of the Week for her grade. Framed at the entrance of the school. She was so happy and excited to tell me about it! I walked in this morning so that she could show it to me.  It was a proud Mommy moment.  Love that little girl!